A career technologist and a writer? For me the combination couldn’t be more natural.

From a background in Communications, in the earliest days of blogging I began writing entries, preferring more in-depth essays to brief snippets. I even experimented with new blogging software, combining my developer and writer skills. Later, I made further use of these in The Wanderlust Chronicles, the blog about my round-the-world journey that featured an “Indiana Jones-style” interactive map. Sorry iPhone/iPad users; due to Apple’s jihad against Adobe Flash, these blogs aren’t visible on your devices.

More recently, of course, has come my foray into indie publishing with Wander the Rainbow, which was published in June, 2010. But the adventure doesn’t end there: in summer, 2011, the book was reissued with a new Afterward featuring more adventures from a follow-on trip to Europe. I’ve also been working on a screenplay adaptation, pulling in elements from my more youthful past and transforming the story into a unique coming-of-age gay road movie. And more books are in the offing, including a “prequel” about my fifteen years spent roaming America in search of home.